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Laser welding - repair welding - in our company and at your premises ON-SITE

Repair of moulds and tools at a high quality level - repair welding with laser in our company and ON-SITE at your premises without limits. Mobile laser repair welding, mobile laser welding.
Why would you want to throw away a defective tool if you could get it repaired at a reasonable price?

Conventional welding methods quickly reach their limits when moulds or tools have to be changed or repaired.

Whether you only want to correct a small broken edge or a large area of your injection moulding tool. Thanks to our laser technology this does not pose a problem - the laser welding system ALM 300 that we currently use at our company enables cost-effective repair of parts of different sizes and dimensions.

Compared to the conventional repair welding procedure, there is no weld penetration with laser beam welding and the heat affected zone is also kept to a minimum during laser welding.

We have the capability to machine and repair with the laser beam small parts such as injection moulds, mould inserts or matrices, as well as larger workpieces such as mould constructions, pressing tools, model builds, jigs and fixtures or parts of an engine or a machine. Damage to tools or material deformation are kept to a minimum due to the minimal heat affected zone during laser welding.

The flexible and mobile system with its powerful laser and microscope also allows us to precisely machine a variety of materials. The most typical areas of application are laser deposit welding, joint welding of non-alloy construction steel, quenched and tempered steel, stainless steel and tool steel up to several PM steel grades. Furthermore, cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper and titanium can also be welded and machined.

For nearly all materials used during tool manufacturing and mould construction and design, we employ suitable welding filler wires so that the desired durability and required degree of hardness can be achieved during repair and deposit welding. Compared to conventional welding procedures, laser beam welding offers a lower concentrated energy input into the workpiece, which means distortion can be practically ruled out. Our specialists even hold small prefabricated parts in their hands during welding with the laser.

Our customers in the area of mould construction and design and tool manufacturing, precision mechanics and electrical engineering, as well as from the aviation and aerospace industry, trust our know-how and quality with regard to repair and deposit welding.

Areas of application for laser welding:

  • Repair of wear, break-outs and temperature cracks to the moulding tools
  • Repair of defective/faulty plastic injection moulds, pressure die casting moulds or injection moulds

Benefits of laser welding:

  • Precise machining of delicate structures
  • Less energy exposure on the workpiece
  • Cost savings compared to other processes
  • Repair instead of disposal
  • Short machining times
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Minimisation of damage to the workpiece

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Stanislav Lustik

RKM Frästechnik
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Tel: +43 (0)7752/ 89 907 - 12
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Quality Management (QM)
RKM Frästechnik GmbH is known for its high-quality products in Austria and other European countries. Our efforts in the area of quality are aimed at confirming our customer’s trust in our products and services. This includes delivering the specifications desired by our customers at the guaranteed level of quality in a reliable manner. We want to forge a consensus with our customers regarding the quality of our services and products and fully meet our quality commitments. With our quality management system, we have created a set of instruments enabling the entire company to ensure the quality of our products and services.


8 reasons why you should work with us:

  • We offer the fastest delivery time and also best quality.
  • You will receive comprehensive support from us. From the first construction drawings through to the manufacturing of your tool.
  • We find practical and economical solutions for automated series manufacturing and ensure optimal quality at the same time.
  • You benefit from our experience.
  • We rely on state-of-the-art 3D programs and analysis programs during development work and for quality assurance.
  • We only produce in Austria with our CNC milling machines.
  • In-house 3D measurement centre.
  • In-house laser welding device if it is needed.



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